Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Having emerged from a meeting where someone used the phrase "brigading together all the interventions", I was in deep crisis. Then I opened an email with the summary of the feedback from the students on the free elective I teach on Anarchism. Joy! These are a few samples (they haven't had their results yet, just in case you were wondering) .

• This module is so much fun it shouldn’t be legal
• Ryley is a legend!!!
• Tutor is proper good, always happy and enthusiastic

Glowing with pride, I slipped the comments into an email to a former student who is just about to graduate. She replied,

"last point, needs slight alteration:
tutor is proper good, always happy and enthusiastic, as long as the lecture is after midday and he's had at least one bottle of red wine the night before."

Hmm ...

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