Tuesday, October 12, 2010

There is only one reality ...

...there is no immortality

Were you a pisshead God
You could save humanity
By slaying Charon
In your drunken rage


Zoe Eleni said...

lol! The funniest bit though is 'Let's hope St.Peter falls ill that we may survive another year'

mikeovswinton said...

Peter you just aren't keeping up. "There is only one reality..." Don't you read popular science books by Michio Kaku? If I've got his last one right there are about 7,026 realities.And there are all in the same place. I know - its all a little bit like Star Trek. Live long and prosper. Go Boldly.

Will said...

Nowt wrong with Star Trek.

well, apart from the last series incarnation -- what with it having the worse opening credit music thingy the werlD has ever known.


mikeovswinton, in the Delta Quadrant said...

There isn't anything at all wrong with Star Trek.Possibly the best programme in the history of TV. Apart from the Fast Show and The Closer, y'all. Its just quite weird that it all seems to be coming true. Apart from the beaming up bit, and we should give them a bit of time to sort that out. As I said; Live long and prosper. Go boldly. (Wasn't there a theory that the guy who dreamt it up - Gene Thingyberry - was trying to infilitrate socialist ideas into the minds of young americans?)

Marshall-Stacks said...

"Whose Reality? Your Reality or my Reality/"

James Rado & Gerome Ragni 1968