Friday, November 19, 2010


The weather is getting colder and I have had three visits to the dentist this week ending up with a root canal filling. This is when you need warming soul food. Try this for size.


Roger said...

May try a vegetarian version.

As I am just about to make some I highly recommend my sister's butternut squash and red pepper soup:

1 medium size butternut squash

2 Red peppers (green and orange/yellow work as well but the colour won't be as attractive)

2 small or one large onion

1 good quality vegetable or chicken stock pot (I use knorr)

Some chili pepper (I use half a green chili myself, my sister uses just a few flakes)

Coriander and oregano to Mexicanise (or not - it's a good soup to experiment with).

Chop everything and add to stock in the biggest pot you have, simmer until the squash and peppers are soft - then attack vigorously with a hand blender.

Serve with crusty bread.

Use a big enough pot and freeze some and you'll have enough of this very warming soup for a week.

One tip for lazy cooks: If you boil the squash whole in the stock for 5+ mins while you are busy chopping everything else, then remove it and run it under the cold tap it will be much easier to peel and chop.

(this trick also works for potatoes).

keith said...

Sorry to hear about yout tooth problems I sympathise.

Enjoy your blog a lot.

keep well,