Friday, February 04, 2011

Trivial pursuits

For the first time for ages I came out of a Swinton Rugby League match having enjoyed myself. Not for the first time in ages Swinton lost, but narrowly (22-28) to Halifax in the Northern Rail Cup. Halifax are the Championship champions, the top side outside Super League and a division higher than the Lions. It was a thriller that could have gone either way. What a start to the ground share at the Willows. Could this be a promotion season to go with a new ground back in Swinton? Here's hoping.


Taylorakis said...

Here's hoping you have great season. I grew up when Swinton were one of the leading lights and Station Road a top ground.

Yia sou


PS Ta for all the great posts, to which I should reply much more. For the moment up to my neck in doing my bit to resist the demise of informal education with young people, youth work.

- see

mikeovswinton, shaking head said...

"Trivial". "Trivial"? Oh, Peter, really.