Thursday, April 14, 2011


I say this to everyone who turns their nose up at my favourite €2 for 1.5 litre bottle of Retsina. You can't tell the difference.
Wine costing less than £5 a bottle can have the same effect on the palate as those priced up to six times as much, a psychological taste challenge suggests.
People might just be able pick out the home made stuff in an old plastic Fanta bottle that I bought for very little in Argalasti market one day, I will give you that. But for anything else you need a real expert.


mikeovswintonandwemberlee said...

"home made stuff in an old plastic Fanta bottle". Peter, have you been at the Toilet Duck again? (Type in "Father Ted Toilet Duck", and then go to "Father Ted best bits jack could of been pope", perhaps the best of the lot.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, have tried (on more than one occasion) but never liked retsina. Will have another go.


Will said...

cooking sherry Tastes *EXACTLY* like SherrY. EspeciallY when you have had loads of wine before you have had the cooking sherrY.

Rice wine as well. tastes *exactly* the same as more expensive balsamic vinegar.