Thursday, September 08, 2011

A fine cause

Any support for my friends and former colleagues will be appreciated. My old, and much loved, adult education department is threatened with closure. The campaign has just begun. A brand new Facebook page is here.


And one of our former students has just posted this to the page, which says it all:
Please, please, PLEASE like this page to help save the fantastic Centre for Lifelong Learning. It's where I got my degree. It's where I learned to love learning. It's where I learned to be my own person and stop following the crowd. It changed my life and I often feel it's where my real life actually began. The knowledge and skills I learned there have not only helped me, I use them (probably on a daily basis) to help others too - family, 'real-life' friends and Facebook friends. This place means so much to me, I will be heartbroken if others are denied the same opportunity I had.

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