Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Something rotten

I know little about Hungary and coverage of recent events is hardly flooding the media. But news is seeping through, as is the unmistakable, nauseous stench of fascism. In teaching history I spend much time explaining and analysing what fascism is and where it comes from, but this isn't to know it. It is something that assaults the senses. The mixture of tawdry stupidity, sadism, utterly humourless self-importance and an attitude that despises the intellect and revels in kitsch, is the same wherever it is to be found. All the while it insinuates that this or that group of people are inferior and, despite their sub-humanity, are surely dangerous and must be eradicated. The highest virtue is cruelty and the deepest pleasure is the creation of misery. It stinks and by that you will always know it.

George Szirtes has been posting information on recent events both on his blog and on Facebook. Here are a few links to read, all of which came from him:

The excellent site Hungarian Watch; reports on European action here and here; student protests; an interesting independent blog; three more posts by George.

And finally here, the poet Orbán in translation by George. The concluding lines:
the spirit’s armour is new, but it’s the same old method
as is the outcome
corpses everywhere, orange peel, dogshit, pages of burned books.
Don't turn your back or avert your eyes, you will still smell it.

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lostmysocks said...

I've read a few pieces in Private Eye on the situation as well as some in Dissent, but these links are really informative. Thank you!