Monday, August 06, 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

1. Linda Grant is enjoying the Olympics:
What has happened to London is that, in the space of a few days, it has become filled with hordes of individuals and families who are happy. Who are delighted to be in London, delighted to watch their sport played the very best it can be played, delighted to wave a national flag with the enthusiasm that comes of knowing that, unlike our English football squad, we're actually going to win something. The last time so many people were enjoying themselves as much in London must have been VE Day.
2. Charlie Brooker is enjoying the Olympics:
So yes, thanks, Olympics, for confounding my inner cynic, and not being awful. And for, I suppose, on balance, I admit, I confess, in a whisper – actually being quite good.
3. Holiday makers are coming back to Greece to enjoy themselves - and they will:
Ordinary tourists who might have cancelled holidays when the debt-stricken country seemed close to economic meltdown, two months ago, now appear to have had a change of heart. Over the past few weeks bookings have rebounded to the point that industry insiders expect arrivals to be on a par with those of other peak years, hitting 16 million by the end of 2012.
4. The Daily Mail, once again, make themselves look stupid:

Down with the miserablist tendency!


Will said...

please someone burn all daily mail employees to death.

thank you.

have a nice day

Anton Deque said...

I like the Daily Mail – it's spite driven muck mongering reassures me I have not become as reactionary as I fear.