Sunday, January 06, 2013

A new season

Rugby League kicked off for me with the friendly this afternoon between Salford and Swinton. Salford now run out to Brian and Michael's saccharine song about L S Lowry. Lowry, of course, lived in Swinton. On Station Road. A few hundred yards from Swinton's old ground.

Salford are in dire financial straits. Swinton donated a large part of their share of the gate receipts to Salford for their survival fund. In return, Salford have nicked our artist.

The match ended in a win for Salford, 52-12. Oh well.

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Jim M. said...

Swinton do, of course, have the considerable consolation of knowing that the crowd were entertained and Salford were generously helped in their struggle for survival.

I guess there are those for whom that is insufficient, and I would also guess that the modestly named Theatre of Dreams is their more natural home.

Personally, I favour the Meat Pie over the Prawn Sandwich.