Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Even by the Guardian's habit of publishing nasty apologetics for the unforgivable in the name of some spurious balance, this is particularly vile.
No country likes being lectured to, especially when that criticism is so often seen as disproportionate and ill-informed. Russians are no exception, and the all too common anti-Russia rhetoric coming from the west over issues from gay rights to Syria and Pussy Riot has fostered a sense of national persecution.
Yeah, right. Now f***k off and watch this about real persecution:

Gay and Russian: 'It's hunting season, we are the hunted'


looby said...

The Guardian always comes late to the party. Had we infinite time, we could track down defences from some time ago, of FGM, which they're now (rightly) organising against.

George S said...

The Guardian is the party of 'yes, but' that is composed of a narrow vocabulary of angry, smart-sounding but essentially contentless gestures.

The Plump said...

Absolutely succinct description George. Worse still, it provides a platform for the exercise of that vocabulary by the paid lackeys of unpleasant regimes.