Friday, September 05, 2014


Summer is melting away here in Pelion. It is still warm, but there have been bursts of heavy rain, the air is damp and humid and the temperature has dropped down to the mid-twenties. This is might be like a British heatwave, but the sensation of weather is comparative and I have got used to the heat.

Autumn is a calm season. The vegetable garden is on its last legs and the plants are withering. Nature looks tired and stressed, the leaves on the walnut and plane trees are spotted with brown though the rain is sending shoots of green up through the scorched earth. The quince trees are heavy with fruit, but soon they will be gone. I shall pick a few before I leave to ripen. I reckon the neighbours will have the rest.

And next week I will be back in the UK, slipping into my other life. It isn't an unpleasant thought, but who couldn't miss the beauty and the wildlife? Manchester it isn't.

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