Saturday, November 29, 2014

England our England

What would an English fascism look like?

I can't see it strutting around in uniforms. Nor would it adopt any of these fancy theoretical doctrines - they are far too European. As for all this modernism and talk of the future, no way would that appeal. Instead, its utopia would be smaller, more modest, rooted in the past. It wouldn't care if that past existed or not, as long as it sounded familiar and cosy. It would be self-effacing and modest. Fascism feeds on the idea that all will be well if one or other of a group of people are removed from our presence. An English version would only seek to get rid of sufficient of them. It wouldn't be one for ambitious, teutonic efficiency. Just enough will do. Others will be able to remain - in their proper place of course. It would be careless with democracy, it never had much time for it. It would expect deference, obedience and, above all, respect for authority. Our rights would be English, not human - whatever that means. It would have some exotic friends who do speak piffle from time to time, but you have to admit old boy, they do have a point. Its language would be uncomplicated. You would be able to call a spade a spade without any of this politically correct circumlocution. It would seek power without the glory. And above all it would be suburban. It would not speak for the cosmopolitan or the rural, but for the semi-detached sprawl, for respectability and convention.

And that is why we should confront UKIP rather than pander to it.


Anton Deque said...

I thought you wee going to mention the English revivalists of the early 20th century, including Rolf Gardiner, a ruralist and folklorist and Nazi enthusiast. He even had his own 'youth' movement modelled I believe on the Hitler Youth.

I listened to a fascinating programme last century on BBC Radio Four about the many connections between the early 'conservation' movement and fascism. The Soil Association? This was long ago so I expect this is all old history now ...

The Plump said...

There were a lot of connections between a kind of blood and soil fascism and ecology in the thirties in particular. This is still unfairly used to beat modern Greens with. This ultra right variant really came from romanticism, but mainstream ecology has roots in a mixture of ecological science and radical politics, notably, but not exclusively, anarchism. The Soil Association has repudiated its legacy but is still pretty nutty. The latest row inside it is in defence of its advocacy of homeopathy for animals!