Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Questions without answers

Jeremy Corbyn has set out his position on the EU single market to the PLP. If this report is correct, his thinking raises a number of questions. He said:

1. It is impossible to be outside the EU and stay in the single market. (This is untrue, as pointed out repeatedly).

Q. Is he lying or is he thick?

2. He wants a 'jobs first Brexit.'

Q. WTF does that mean?

3. He wants to retain all the benefits of membership through negotiation with the EU. (Despite the EU making it perfectly clear that no such deal is possible).

Q. Can he name any other organisation that would grant the full benefits of membership to non-members without them having to meet the obligations of membership?


Around 65% of Labour voters voted remain. 87% of Labour members voted remain. The overwhelming majority of voters and members want Britain to stay in the single market. Why then is Corbyn supporting the Tories against Labour? 


SP said...

I keep hoping that there is a deliberate Rocky II style strategy in play here and that when a suitable opportunity presents itself Labour will switch and demand remain. Yes desperate and deluded isnt it.

The Plump said...

Don't we all Simon. But the actions of Corbyn - non-campaigning in the referendum, calling for the immediate triggering of article 50 (which would have been an act of unparalleled insanity), supporting a hard Brexit, etc - all point to consistency and continuity in his position. So, much would depend on any power struggle within the Labour Party, or an even more monstrous Tory cock up that demanded a reaction. However, at the moment Corbyn is back in his default position of invisibility and the party is in it's default position of cowardice. And time is running out.

George S said...

I have long been convinced that this is pure Uncle Zoltán territory. There need be no connection between questions and answers.

The Plump said...

Zoltán makes considerably more sense.