Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aussie war dance

Yep, they used to do one. The Australian Rugby League side from 1963.

The photo was taken from the main stand at the late lamented Swinton ground, Station Road, now, scandalously, a housing estate. Swinton have been playing in exile since 1990 and are currently at Sedgely Park RUFC. Plans to return to Swinton are in place though. For those of us who can remember the old ground, there is more nostalgia here.


mikeovswinton said...

Quality blogging, Peter. That's all I can say. Its quite hard to look at the picture and think about what we lost.

PeterJ said...

Hi Peter - I just had a weird flashback... I was there at Station Road for that game, with my Dad, sitting in the stand just a bit to the right of where the camera was. I would have been eight. Still remember an Australia try down the touchline nearest us, and Swinton losing pretty narrowly. Hadn't thought about it for many years. Thanks.