Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ian Bone, of Class War fame, pleads for intelligence and reason from Anarchists in a nice little post.

He argues that Anarchists have "lost the battle for common sense" and cannot see that it is their own fault.

...crap ideas are widely accepted as self-evident truths and we campaign against things as anarchists which will bring benefits to our fellow working class humans……..holidays in the sun being one of them but many members of the working class also find a cure for cancer a surprisingly attractive proposition.

He concludes,

It’s worth taking the goggles off sometimes……………..see what everyone else sees.

Commenters are doing their best to prove him right


John said...

Yup, he has a point, sadly. But anarchism is such a broad school these days that it's bound to have its fair share of dogmatists and misanthropes. That sort of holier-than-thou green anarchism that holds the majority of people in society in contempt has more in common with nihilism than anything recognisably socialist.

John said...

Hang on. Were you posting that tongue in cheek? I've been had!

The Plump said...

Were you posting that tongue in cheek?


John said...

It's my own fault for trying to see things through other people's eyes.