Monday, March 03, 2008

Comment is fat-free

Over at the daily horror that is Comment is Free there is another fattie-bashing piece. The article itself isn't the worst, though it studiously ignores the studies that point to the failure of dieting and physiological factors in obesity (other than saying that "smell, palatability and availability of food can increase our appetite to such an extent that it overwhelms innate control mechanisms" - something that still bases obesity on a failure of self-control).

But then turn to the comments for really smug moral superiority such as this by a "svelte 11 stone" person - "At some point they chose to eat the pies, at some point they should choose to stop"; but then he (and I bet it is a he) thinks that "losing weight and keeping it off isn't hard". Then there is this from another "the rising cost of food ... will act as the stick that ensures the obese can't afford to keep stuffing their faces". There are some honourable outbursts of sanity but they are in the minority.

I shouldn't look at it, I really shouldn't. Pass me another pie - no pass me all of them.

(Via Freemania)

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