Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No surprises

The government has published its response to the unanimous and highly critical Parliamentary Select Committee report on the ludicrous decision to withdraw institutional funding for students in higher education taking a qualification at an equivalent or lower level than one they hold already, thereby dealing a severe blow to university adult education and restricting opportunities to retrain for a new career.

Whereas the committee took evidence from nearly 500 submissions and researched the topic properly, the government consulted nobody and appeared to be surprised by the stinking mess as their decision hit the fan. Their response to the diligence and thoughtfulness of our elected representatives is, predictably, dismissive and evasive. There is only one minor concession – they are protecting theology as "a mark of the importance the Government places on the benefits that faith-based leadership can bring to communities"! The stench is unabated and the future uncertain. Disgraceful.


Read Francis Sedgemore here

(Sorry Doc D - had to be done)

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