Monday, June 09, 2008

Save Adult Education

Save Adult Education is a campaigning web site that has been set up in the wake of the consultation document on informal learning. It has spotted that the sub-text of the consultation is not to boost informal learning but to use it to replace funded adult education.

The consultation period ends this week. If you are quick you can add your signature to the protest letter. The last date for signing is June 11th.


Harry Barnes said...

I have done my bit comrade -

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info. A link to the Save Adult Education site has been added to the IWT website. Defend working class autodidactism!

Le Petit Canard Noir

Anonymous said...

Done it - followed the link from threesoreyearsand ten.

mrs K

Anonymous said...

Signed up. Thanks for pointing to the letter/website.

Richard said...

Done it to one of my sites.


Rich Muir
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The Plump said...

Thank you everybody