Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Colin Ward

Colin Ward has died. For those who are unaware of his life and work, he was an anarchist writer, thinker and activist. Ironically for someone who opposed the technocratic and elitist Fabian tradition, the best obituary I have seen so far is on the Fabian Society's blog, Next Left.

Ward wrote on social policy, especially housing, as well as anarchism and was a good historian too, particularly on the social history of working class self-organisation. He was also one of the few who acknowledged his debt to one of my great interests, Patrick Geddes.

There is always a sense of sadness when someone whose work you have read with interest and enjoyment over the years dies. Yet he has left behind a large body of thoughtful and thought-provoking work that is well worth exploring. It is in its own way a small stake in immortality.


Will said...

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Anonymous said...

The world lost a great writer and researcher. I spent hours pouring over his notes and references in "Planet of Slums". Very good book. It changed my perspective completely on NGOs in the third world.