Sunday, March 21, 2010

The reality of the surreal

That a people gets the government it deserves is an odious lie. At times of great difficulty simple people, who are not damaged by the «habit of giving orders» don't react in a dog eats dog way, they extend a helping hand. The further a person is away from power, the better he is.
This from an extraordinary piece on the absurdity, abuse of power and endemic corruption of the Russian state and economy, Kafka's Castle is Collapsing, by Andrei Loshak. It is worth reading in full.
The saying «We have been put on earth to make Kafka come true» has been well known since Soviet times. We have been so steeped in absurdity since childhood that we haven't even learnt to distinguish any of the rules that regulate it. We are on the other side of the looking glass but somehow manage to function, work out what moves to make and make careers for ourselves.
He continues ...
Corruption is irrational: its very existence is fatal for a state. This makes it an ideal accompaniment to the realm of the absurd, its operating system. You don't have to understand how it works, but it is has a very convenient function which any idiot can grasp. Press the button and you get a result.
The stories he tells, from Ikea's culture shock to murders in a supermarket, graphically illustrate this world. Yet, he is also certain of change,
I think that society has lost its fear: the people perceive the government's inability to keep control of itself as a sign of weakness. Such a state cannot have enough strength for repression. The animal nips of the enraged system have woken people from their hypnosis. Fear and apathy have been replaced by rage.
And, right on cue ...


Will said...

I used to do shite online about shite like this -- no one took any notice either.

give up blogging and take up arms.

or retire and move to Greece -- I will visits you and swear a lot about fucking shit and that.


Will said...

you shooD do a post on this:

filthy catholic cunTs

The Plump said...


Comment one.

The second option is the most likely methinks.

Comment two.

I thought you told me to give up.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Fear and apathy have been replaced by rage."

This may be true, however I wouldn't be too hopeful. Too many times the rage in Russia caused another upheaval and bloodbath for the sake of upheaval and bloodbath with no other results.

As long as the Russian citizen continues to expect solutions from above, not a lot will change.