Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back to Greece

It is a long journey going overnight via Athens, made more so by the bus from Volos taking a detour to drop some elderly people off in the village of Xinovrisi, blocking the narrow road for an eternity whilst the old man gathered his shopping as it had spilt all over the baggage compartment. Now, I can look out on an impossibly green garden for this time of year after a wet spring. Bird song is everywhere, the nightingale was blasting out all night long, and now it is hot enough for the cicadas to start up their constant summer row. And this is when my early retirement pays off. I shall be here all summer so who knows what you will get on this blog and how often.

Now, with a few chores done in the cool of the early morning it is time for some serious sitting in the shade of the vine.

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