Sunday, June 27, 2010


Not one here:
The impact of George Osborne's emergency budget on the poor has been revealed in a study that finds the country's least well-off families face cuts equivalent to 21.7% of their household income. That means they will be hit six times harder than the very richest by the coalition's deficit-cutting measures.
A bit of one here from William Keegan if you bought into the Government's 'record deficit' guff:
The Treasury view seems to have been brought back into circulation by Osborne. Most people accept that it was misguided in the early 1930s, when, at the time Neville Chamberlain introduced his deflationary budget of 1932, the national debt amounted to 177% of gross domestic product and debt interest was absorbing as much as 40% of public expenditure. By comparison, the latest Red Book puts debt at 61.9% of GDP in 2010-11 and debt interest at 6.3% of total public expenditure. Yet the way that Osborne goes on about it, you would think things were more like the 1930s.
A bloody great one here, especially if you expected to be annoyingly smug about being in Greece (and it is about to start raining again):
As Britain enjoys a sporting and cultural weekend that will linger in the memory, temperatures are set to eclipse those in Greece today as the country basks in a heatwave.
As for this, totally predictable, even the false hope and the goal that wasn't.
England, for all the exertion, had been a markedly inferior team.


mikeovswitnon said...

In what sense was it a 'goal that wasn't'? In every sense other than the ability of the officials to understand/see the situation it was a goal. The whole of the ball crossed the whole of the line and there was no other reason for play to have been stopped (ie offside etc). Whether it would have made any difference is a 'might have been' question, and on balance I suspect that it wouldn't, but there would have been a degree of momentum behind England that could have changed things.
Like all Trotters I recall the similar 'goal' we scored in our first ever game at the Reebok against Everton. It resulted in a nil-nil draw. At the end of the year we went down. On goal difference. The side that stayed up because of that goal difference? Everton.

Will said...

Broken Britain broken football - ConDems fault.

Robert G. said...

How fucking hard is it to use video replay? FIFA luddites.

Roger said...

lChris Dillow manages to actually produce a decent Marxist analyses of England's craptacularness at football.

Having divided national loyalties myself I can't help but feeling a certain perverse relief that England are now almost as crap as Scotland in international terms.