Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heaven knows ...

... we're miserable now.
The UK and Ireland have been named as the worst places to live in Europe for quality of life, according to research published today.
And I am going back there on Saturday. Oh well.
"Last year compared with our European neighbours we were miserable but rich, this year we're miserable and poor."
And the weather is crap. Then we do like to moan about everything, perhaps it makes us happy after all. Perhaps.


DorsetDipper said...

As I used to explain to colleagues "us northerners aren't happy unless we're miserable."

Anton Deque said...

I live in the north. Fine here.

For posting an illustration by the sainted E.H. Shephard from now on you can do no wrong in my eyes Peter.

[It won't last.]

Steve said...

Happiness is overrated. More important is the metahappiness one gets from pursuing things likely to increase your happiness in the long run.