Monday, September 20, 2010

Hot stuff

I love spicy food - but this encounter with the infinity chilli from Grantham, probably the world's hottest, does not sound nice.
The fire hits my throat and then goes into my ears. My ears! They ache terribly. My legs wobble. Punch-drunk, I slump on a garden chair.
And then, the obvious question:
But what happens next? "Let's be honest here. It's got to come out again," he says. "But it's not going to be as bad as when it went in."


Graeme said...

"Not going to be as bad"

In my experience, it's usually worse. I read that article thie morning and it brought a particularly distressing vindaloo to mind.

Will said...

I went to the zoo today.

I WILL send pictures via email.

Leviathan said...

So that Simpsons episode with Johnny Cash as Homer's coyote spirit guide was right - you can get high from eating really hot chilis.

Can't see it catching on though...

Will said...


Ann O'Dyne said...

now I know 2 things about Grantham.