Monday, August 22, 2011

Going, going ...

They are still wittering away whilst Gadaffi falls:
You hear no such appeals to humanity while Nato, in the name of the rebels (whoever they are), prepares to lay siege to Tripoli, a city of nearly 2 million people.

Libyan rebels are now advancing on the capital city of Tripoli with the aid of Nato strikes; this is sure to result in a real bloodbath, as opposed to the one that was conjured in Benghazi this past winter.
 In the meantime, in Tripoli, Simon Jenkins' readers take to the streets.

And the Alex Crawford video mentioned in the previous post has now been uploaded to YouTube.

And still the miserable tendency of the liberal press grumble on - this from the Independent. Ignore them, read this instead:  The Top Ten Myths About the Libya War. I particularly liked this:
The Libyan Revolution was a civil war. It was not, if by that is meant a fight between two big groups within the body politic. There was nothing like the vicious sectarian civilian-on-civilian fighting in Baghdad in 2006. The revolution began as peaceful public protests, and only when the urban crowds were subjected to artillery, tank, mortar and cluster bomb barrages did the revolutionaries begin arming themselves. When fighting began, it was volunteer combatants representing their city quarters taking on trained regular army troops and mercenaries. That is a revolution, not a civil war. 
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Will said...

fuckking hell. but let us be honest, yoo could write the fuckking script very easily indeed as to how various fuckking CUNtS will lay out their stupid and thick and uniformed pieces of turdbollox for all to see. You CouldN't myake it uP#$@!!!!

Will said...

Anonymous said...

can not believe people have the cheek to whine at the 11th hour. Nothing would ever please these people in the real world.

Will said...

and right on cue