Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Kill or cure

The OECD are confident. But, as Aditya Chakrabortty reports from Greece, others are not so sure:
One senior investment banker is more blunt: "People are scared that the government doesn't know what the fuck it's doing." 
Reading this, together with his other report on a complex loan deal of dubious legality, you have to say that they might have a point.

Greece certainly needs reform, though the real point is which reforms it needs and which it could do without, and it also needs investment. At the moment we are seeing the start of a reform process, linked to austerity packages drawn from the manuals of orthodoxy, being cheered on by international institutions and bright-eyed American trained technocrats. In the meantime sceptical Greek people are conducting a quiet run on the banks and withdrawing cash. We will see who is right.

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