Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Something for a change. This is an extraordinary piece of trick cinema, an early comic scene from one hundred and eleven years ago. The youthful energy of the performer, the imaginative ingenuity and near faultless continuity are astonishing given its age.

But this is also dark comedy; it is like an anxiety dream where nothing that you are trying to do can ever be achieved, whatever you are looking for can't be found, you become trapped in endlessly replicating frustration. Very odd.


Will said...

not playing - says "this video is private'. whattever the fuck that means...

here's a tuBE that plays:
this lad's got an allotment show and, even though it's in Bristol he's a Geordie and even wears a toon hat in the video. Marvellous stuff


Anton Deque said...

Notic e reads "This video is private". Is that the frustration of which you speak? Well it's working for me!

The Plump said...

Very strange. It worked when I first posted it from Greece. Now I am back, I have just done it again and it seems to be playing.

Just in case, this is the URL


Anonymous said...

Works from here, in Lancaster, on Friday night. Try again Will and Anton. It's well worth seeing. Making frustrated dreams real -- but into comedy.