Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Euro song crisis

Incisive comment from Montenegro

A winner, surely.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant! It's the first song in the first semifinal (ESC is too big for a single night now), which will be on BBC 3 on Tuesday night. We in the UK can't vote in that semi but I really hope it gets through. What a video!

Will said...

round them all up and drop a nuke on the fuckkers.

Anton Deque said...

The last time I watched the Eurvision Song Contest the U.K. got some votes and Katie Boyle was commenting. Liked this video (the 'song' did not seem to me to have much of a song about it). Including a donkey was a shrewd move.

Pedantic point: For the sake of consistency, should that not be 'nukke'?