Monday, December 18, 2006

Bliss ...

This is the best stress relief in the world. I am in Greece, in a small village in Pelion in the most extravagantly beautiful corner of this wonderful country. Posting may now be sporadic!

English newspapers do net get to the village in the winter and there was little in the English Language weekly, the Athens News. Much depends on how much I want to follow the world on the Internet. Sipping wine in front of a roaring log fire, yes Greece does have winters, calms my urgent need to communicate so I shall just indulge in some blatant, if unpaid, product placement. My friends Tim and Aphroula run a wonderful little holiday company out here. Check out their web site, and if you are sensible, buy a holiday this summer. Pelion is one place few can forget.

I intend to write an article on Individualist Anarchism, but there is also a vine to trim, a garden to be dug and trees to prune, let alone the enticements of Sakis and Soula's taverna. When one enters a small community the world shrinks and the little, individual things become more important, as does the great pastimes of sitting and looking. I shall be doing much of both. This is my version of an activity holiday. To paraphrase the dying words of George Vth, "bugger skiing".


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Ryley

It looks like you are going to have a great vacation. I wanted to you to know I read your blog and find it very interesting.

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have a good vacation

RJ. Morgan

The Plump said...

Thanks RJ. Morgan

I have had a glance at your blog Exodus. Looks nice. I will have a proper read later when the brain actually functions.