Tuesday, December 19, 2006


That is the state of my brain at the moment. Greece is more colourful than England, even on a chill misty day. The rains have left the ground covered with lush grass, the olive leaves are silvery whilst the olive harvest is in full swing, the citrus trees are covered with fruit - bright oranges and lemons contrasting with their dark green leaves.

A brief scan of the Guardian web site, some interesting posts at Harry's Place and despair at Normblog's Ashes triumphalism have failed to rouse the blogger in me. Instead, I am more interested in Sophia and Stathis' fine for placing an illegal canopy over the outside of their taverna, the repairs to the paraleia after the damage caused by torrential rain and land slips in the Autumn, progress on the new harbour and the way that Iannis has pruned my fruit trees in return for harvesting them and grazing his sheep in the garden when I am away.

This is a time of small things, something we all need.

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