Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's Christmas Eve

And the promised sunshine has not arrived. A low grey mist hangs over the village. The raw cold attacked my fingers this morning as I gathered in the day's firewood. Costas, our local butcher, has made his usual modernist display by crazily throwing strings of lights over the tree outside his house. Sadly, now he has finished the second floor, there is no illuminated plastic Santa climbing his chimney as usual. There are Christmas lights in the village by the sea front, but it is virtually deserted with only a few locals gathering in Nikos' café. All is quiet …

So, as I escape the commercialism of an English Christmas all I can say to the friends and strangers that may pass by this blog is,

Καλά Χριστούγεννα
Ευτυχισμένος ο καινούργιος χρόνος

(And if you can't guess what that means look at Brian Church's excellent book, "Learn Greek in 25 Years". You may not pick up much Greek but you won't stop laughing.)

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Ryley

Have a great Christmas. I'm standing watch with the Coast Guard in San Fran, But I'm off on the 25th.

Look forward to reading your up-coming post.

Take care.