Friday, July 27, 2007

Cloudy day

The heat wave has broken. On Thursday, the shade temperature on the patio reached 46C and it was still over 30C in the early hours of a sleepless night. Then a North wind swept down over the hills, scattering plastic garden furniture, and yesterday was a breezy and comfortable 32C. The distant landscape emerged from the heat haze and the thick, dry air dispersed. Today, I woke to clouds and a cool 28C even though the stone flags radiate heat under my bare feet. A little dappled sunlight is falling on the vine and some birds are making themselves heard over the incessant cicadas. The garden is sighing with relief and even a lover of warm weather like myself is joining in.

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Larkers said...

Nice and sunny here in the north east U.K., but very cool. I expect most will feel you are gloating; I however, dislike the heat. A nightmare three years ago in France when we were unable to do anything, not even eat until midnight and then outside.

May I direct your many readers to the flooding in Gloucestershire? My mate Rick has posted some images and thoughts on the ECOS web site.

Have a good time and keep the posts coming,