Monday, July 23, 2007

History lessons required

1. Sarah Helm says of the questioning of Ruth Turner that the police used ‘Gestapo tactics’. ‘Pick on the vulnerable, preferably a single woman living alone' (working in the Prime Minister’s office at Number 10 Downing Street with contacts and support in the highest echelons of power). Sorry, I added the last bit, but whatever you think of the cash-for-honours affair the self-pity of the privileged always gets to me. If real Gestapo tactics had been used, I think her fate may have been different.

2. This may not be Nazi Germany, however these morons like to pretend it is (scroll down for the story). Nazi re-enactment societies are growing. ‘These Nazis are mostly called Kenneth and have wives in floral dresses chasing after hubbie’s tank shouting, “you’ve forgotten your Luger, darling”’.

3. And now to the real thing. The BNP are planning a survivalist retreat in Croatia for when the oil runs out. Paranoia goes with the territory of far right politics and I can't help thinking that their fate would be the same as that of New Germania.

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