Sunday, February 17, 2008

Derby day

I am not the sort of person to criticise referees (this is technically known as a lie), but today's Northern Rail cup game between Swinton and Salford is not the time to hold back.

National League 2 Swinton were always facing a thrashing from our local rivals, just relegated from Super League and favourites for the National League 1 title. What I was looking forward to was a spirited performance in front of a big, for us, crowd and a nice day out. We certainly got that when we had the ball, with two good tries, but being on the wrong end of such a one-sided penalty count meant that was a rare occasion and we never had the chance to test our skills. Nothing is more killing in rugby league than prolonged defence; even more so for a part-time side playing full professionals. Possession is vital and we were starved of it. A shame; instead of leaving with a glow of pride, I ended up feeling frustrated.

Ah well, there is always next week. Revenge against Rochdale Hornets is in the offing. You bet I will be there.

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