Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hate speech

Could you name any other group of people that could be the acceptable target of language like this in the mainstream press?
You have to hit people where it hurts most, which in the case of fat people is in their wallets, because literally hitting them (fun though it is) doesn't hurt them at all, what with their being so fat.

What we have to do is tax fat people directly. I admit that this is a form of head tax (or rather, in this case, an arse tax) of the kind that has led to all sorts of social unrest in the past, but don't worry: fat people are far too lazy to riot.
It is an old game, but try replacing 'fat people' with the words like 'Jews', 'blacks' or 'gays' and then you can see how vile and hateful this language is. I have nothing but contempt for this type of ignorant playground prejudice masquerading as journalism.

Via the Trots


Francis Sedgemore said...

I didn't even need to move my cursor over the link to realise that the offending words belong to Giles, runt of the Coren family.

John at 107 kilos said...

The man's lost it. Organic brain syndrome is my guess. Mad cow's maybe. Damn shame.

Brigada Flores Magon said...

I've despised Coren ever since I read his fulsome intoduction to a collection of his father's humorous pieces; in it he asked dismissively, 'Who now reads James Thurber or S. J. Perelman?' Twat.

Anonymous said...

May I offer a modest proposal? Smokers must not be treated for any cardio vascular or lung related diseases, joggers must not be treated for any muscle or joint damage, or for injuries inflicted when they jog at night on the road rather than the pavement, those who use gyms must not be treated for back injuries, or heart attacks, arse bandits must not be treated for AIDS and cyclists will not be treated for injuries suffered in road accidents unless they have CCTV evidence that the wagon ran them down.................

Mr Coren will agree with ALL of that, yes?

Left Boot of Imperialism said...

Given that Victoria is only a marginally less obnoxious waste of space than her brother, runt seems inappropriate - although it does bring to mind a better description.

Surprising how few commenters on this piece have linked to his lunatic tirade against sub-editors who dared to alter one of his precious restaurant reviews: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/jul/23/mediamonkey

Francis Sedgemore said...

Victoria Coren is in a completely different league to her snotty brother. Although I couldn't give a monkey's fart about poker, I respect her as a journalist.

As for Giles and the subs, that was just one of many incidents in which the restaurant critic had a brain fart in public.

Left Boot of Imperialism said...

Just looked at five pages of Victoria's article titles and lead paragraphs at http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/victoriacoren and not a single one gave me any desire to click on the link and read more.

Her presumably self-penned wikipedia entry does tell us two things that do deserve some actual 'respect': having written a serious piece of drama on John Diamond's cancer; and her lettng Charlie Brooker take the piss out of her on Screenwipe.

So at least she does have some interest in the lives of others - and some sense of humour about her own pretentiousness and absurdity.

Given that Giles shows such a complete lack of either quality you are right that she indeed is in a different league.

Would the Republic of Letters suffer one jot if she was to give up her 'journalism' for poker (at which she/her wikipedia entry boasts she has won £1.2m) - doubt it.