Thursday, March 19, 2009


Whilst I lament the loss of pubs, let's not forget how much of a social institution the evening class is. Doing an adult education course is about more than learning, it is a way of meeting people and making friends. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard it described as 'a lifeline'. Another part of our civic society is in decline.

Now, after the reductions elsewhere, universities are reporting cutbacks to their adult education provision; for example here, here and here.

This week I was talking to a student who is now doing a degree after taking a number of courses, including some of our Trade Union modules. He said he wouldn't have gone to university if he hadn't decided one day, on a whim, to take an evening course in holiday Spanish. The irony - and the ignorance.

Add public libraries to the list

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john problem said...

Our library has become a 'Discovery Centre' and I've discovered a lot. Like tripping over a bawling brat, having its mother shout at me from the caff, finding nothing on the shelves except thrillers and romances, having to listen to lessons in computer usage being given by staff to all and sundry, having to listen to loud conversation from the benches placed alluringly hither and yon. Many occupied by beggars. I keep thinking I'm in a railway station. But, Burnham must know best. He's Minister for Culture. Has he ever read a book other than Gordon's Big Red Book? Or the history of his fave footie club? Heaven save us from these social engineers. They know nothing about anything but want to change everything.
"By wisdom, shunned.
By folly, well advised." That's them.