Saturday, June 27, 2009

New beginnings ...

...and a few farewells. I will soon cease to be a fat bloke in Hull - no I'm not on a diet, I am taking early retirement. Regular readers will have an inkling about some of the reasons why. So I will be a fat bloke in Manchester, and, as much as possible, in Greece from the beginning of October. Scary, but fun.

(All offers of part-time work will be gratefully received).


Jack said...

I haven't been regular reader, just an irregular one.

You taught me the anarchism free elective in 07/08 and it has been the only thing at university where I really felt I have learnt something. Real actual learning!

I haven't been in Hull for a year now but will back living there soon and was hoping to meet up for a another booze fueled night at yours as well.

You've been key in my journey of discovering my personal politics and I wish you the very best mate.

Brigada Flores Magon said...

Best wishes in the new stage of being. Next weekend marks six years out of the school system for me: I hope that your time away from The Man in his educational avatar will be as fulfilling and as fun as mine has been. I'm sure it will.

The Plump said...

Thanks Brigada and Jack.

Really appreciate your comments Jack. I have made too many friends in Hull not to return regularly - so we will have that beer. Keep in touch.

Steve said...

I want to back up Jack on the anarchism free elective.

While studying legislative studies there isn't much that could brighten up my day but your teaching compared to those of a certain peer could not be more different. You taught us things of interest and with plenty of anecdotes that help keep things in reality rather then just theoretical. Useful tips on usurping members of the House of Lords and the system they help to sustain were also welcome!

I am pleased I looked into anarchism more because of that year and I have learnt more about radical politics as a result.

It was a real loss when the course had to end early because of how institutions treat departments like life long learning for not turning out lots of shiny automoton degree students.

I hope Manchester (and increasingly Greece) treat you well!

Dr Hiding Pup said...

I'll miss your sweaty body just being round the corner in that dingy office :-( But Dad and I will come and see you in Greece :-)