Friday, June 05, 2009

Sugaring the pill

"Enterprise tsar"?
If there was a market in mass-produced portable nuclear weapons, we'd market them, too

Words fail me.

Well informed readers will have spotted the deliberate mistake. The C5 was the classic failure of Clive Sinclair, not Alan Sugar. Oh well... It's a pretty picture, it can stay there.


Rabelais said...

Christ-on-a-bike... I never thought I's wish a Labour government would just fuck off and die! Why don't they just make Davina McCall Home Secretary and Carol Vorderman Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Anonymous said...

At least Carol Vorderman can count....

Anyway, words do not fail me.

The word is " 'kinell!"

mikeovswinton said...

Carol Vorderman is working on one of Dave C's "policy" commissions. Be careful what you wish for. Alan Sugar is, when push comes to shove, possibly the funniest thing on tv just at the moment. That's show bizniz.

mikeovswinton said...

Obviously, he's not in the league of the Fast Show, but so little is. Just check out the Fast Show Jazz Club compilation on youtube. Priceless, or should I say "niiiice". "Tunes? This is jazz, man."

ModernityBlog said...

They never learnt a thing after Digby-Jones?