Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Phew, what a scorcher

The sun has come out. The temperature was 28 degrees Centigrade in Hull today. It even crept over 30 down South. It is wonderful and pleasantly warm. But there is nothing like the weather to panic the British. An official heatwave is likely to be announced. I didn't know there was such a thing. Apparently it triggers a government heatwave plan with lots of useful advice:

It says homeowners can stay cool by painting their houses white and planting shrubs for shade ... Other tips include identifying the coolest room in the house.

It is forecast to rain on Thursday.


Graeme said...

Surely planting shrubs and painting your house are poor ways of keeping cool? If it's really that hot, just drink beer in the shower--drink out of a can or a bottle because glasses don't work very well. Works better than air conditioning.

Christine 2E0LMG said...

29 degrees and we're advised to paint our houses white... I can just imagine the response from the Peak Park Planning Board shouting me down from the ladder to serve a notice on me for contravening a local regulation!!

Fabulous clip of Ella btw :D :D

NB Seriously envious 1. that you can take early retirement and 2. a place in the sun in Greece - Have fun :)

Anton Deque said...

It makes you proud to be British! We can show Johnny Foreigner we can take the heat!

By-the-way, did anyone else compile a list of greater black artists when claims were made for the late, and undeniably talented, Michael Jackson? Ella Fitzgerald came instantly to my mind.

Anonymous said...

After spending 5 days in Dallas, where the temp reaches late thirties effortlessly, the British reaction is amusing.

Still, after the dog-eat-dog culture of the US it's comforting to be back in a country where NHS hotlines are provided and there seems to be a genuine concern for the vulerable.