Sunday, July 26, 2009


The Greeks do heatwaves so much better than us. Shortly before dawn, the temperature at the bus station in Athens was 31 degrees C. It is cooler up here in Pelion, but it still reached 36 in the shade yesterday. Today there is a refreshing breeze. It is gorgeous.

At the airport, the authorities were searching for temperatures too. We had to pass heat-seeking cameras to see if we had the plague swine flu. No one did, though I would have been amused if they had picked out the hypochondriacs in front of me who wore face masks all through the flight on an overheated Olympic Airways plane, facing an acute dilemma when their airline meals arrived.

A sparrow has just swooped from the lemon tree to catch a small green grasshopper on the patio. I will join it. It is time for me to sit with a book in the shade under the vine. Bliss.

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