Sunday, January 23, 2011

A herald of spring

Standing on the terraces at the Salford v Swinton friendly on a freezing Friday night, I heard the first shout this year of "gerr'm onside ref!" Yes, the Rugby League season is about to begin.

Swinton will be playing at the Willows this year, sharing with the old enemy for just one season. Then everyone is hoping that they will be back in a new ground in the Borough of Swinton and Pendlebury. If that does not happen the future of a grand old club must be in doubt after twenty years of peripatetic exile since selling Station Road for housing.

For some more pictures of Swinton and the old ground in better days see here.

It was a credible performance from the team against Super League opposition and maybe this is the starting point for a renaissance. But in the meantime could there be a better way of spending a bitterly cold evening ... er ... yes, I suppose there could be a few ... rather a lot in fact. Never mind. I enjoyed it.


mikeov...needuask? said...

What could be better than watching Rugby League on a friday evening? You are slipping into the realms of heresy here. Where were you stood by the way?

The Plump said...

At the back of the open terracing between the scratching shed and the big stand behind the sticks, just behind the knot of Swinton fans with the banner. And it was bloody cold!