Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Friday, let's er ...

Proponents of localism in Britain need to take note, in Malawi the controversial Local Courts Bill will make farting in public a criminal offence.

Once again it is time to celebrate liberal values and universal human rights in opposition to petty tyranny. As in 1789 the French were in the vanguard.

Chapeau tip Kev


Brigada Flores Magon said...

Do you remember a fine BBC show on this guy in which Leonard Rossiter starred? There's also the case of the Earl of Oxford who, making a low bow to Queen Elizabeth I, let loose a fart. So appalled was he that he immediately left the court and travelled in Europe for a year or so. When he returned to court she remarked 'My lord, we had forgot the fart.' Apocryphal? Possibly but you can imagine Blackadder's Queenie delivering that line.

Overtired and emotional said...

Not a bad idea in principle, but the law requires both actus reus but mens rea.

For the former, proof, in the case of a ripsnorter, should be simple,but what of an SBD? How can you detect the culprit?

As for mens rea, this must be the oldest and most insoluble conundrum in the trouser trumpeter's history. At what point does the fart become involuntary?

This seems to be an ill considered measure.