Friday, January 07, 2011

The people's breakfast

A Labour MP reveals her breakfast of choice.
I'm pretty routine about breakfast. I get up at about 6.30 and have hot water to which I add fresh ginger and a slice of lemon – very good for the immune system. Then I go down to the gym. I usually eat at 7.45am. I have porridge – I'll ring the changes – maple syrup, nuts.
Not a bacon butty after a skinful down the working men's club then?

Bet I live longer than her.


Will said...

i will live longer than everyone one of those ponces. Chistonabike - does nee one eat proper food anymore?

Anonymous said...

Ugh sounds like a routine from hell.

Will said...

wotched the neet

great stuff obviously.

however...Also watched a documentary film called “Darwin’s Nightmare” a while ago. The film focuses on the fishing community who live off the shore of Lake Victoria in Tanzania. Every day 50,000 tonnes of fish is exported from the lake to European countries under a trade agreement brokered by the EU. This is the community that is left behind:

While the flesh of millions of Nile perch is stripped, cleaned and flash-frozen for export to wealthy countries, millions of people in the Tanzanian interior live on the brink of famine. Some of them will eat fried fish heads, which are processed in vast open-air pits infested with maggots and scavenging birds. Along the shores of the lake, homeless children fight over scraps of food and get high from the fumes of melting plastic-foam containers used to pack the fish. In the encampments where the fishermen live, AIDS is rampant and the afflicted walk back to their villages to die.

This is the social order that CUNTS want to protect against “extremism”. What utterly morally bankrupt fuckking pieces of shit and utter pissturds they are.

Will said...

aking Marcuse to task on the issue of support for the student movement/New Left, Adorno sums up their differences as follows:

“You think that praxis — in its emphatic sense — is not blocked today; I think
differently. I would have to deny everything that I think and know about the
objective tendency if I wanted to believe that the student protest movement in
Germany had even the tiniest prospect of effecting a social intervention.”
For Adorno, a critique of the Left was in order, no less in the 1960s than it had been in the
1920s-30s. For — especially for intellectuals — remaining critical is the most effective form of solidarity and participation in struggles against oppression and for emancipatory possibilities.

Anton Deque said...

This 'routine' sounds like more self denial than one might find in a nunnery. This is not health; it is grooming the ego.

Can one, having taken the first steps of the day in such a fashion, really claim to 'represent' any normal human being? This is, I suspect, how thousands of technocrats approach "life"; the zeal like iron determination runs through their veins since nothing else does. After this introduction to consciousness, sacking the over 50s must come easy, selling off the family silver merely a twitch of the sphincter.