Friday, February 12, 2016


This is a touching story linking the experience of exile and migration over generations, and of hard lives and human kindness.
“Dear Lord, we never expected this: people coming through the storm,” says Maritsa. “As soon as they step off the boat they say prayers and kiss the ground; it's unbelievable. They're to be pitied. And there are so many babies, tiny little things. It breaks your heart to see the babies in such a sorry state, trembling with cold.”
Be sure to watch the video.


Jim M. said...

Such lovely ladies.

Sadly your video link leads me back to the Ekatimerini article.

The Plump said...

Jim M

The video is at the bottom of the article. I used their link and tried to embed using their embed link, both failed. So scroll down and watch it on the site.

roybaintonwrites said...

Oh Stoutmeister: Check my blog because Chiefie is now dead and his funeral is in Hull on March 11th.