Monday, February 22, 2016


I have been reading opinion pieces on Jeremy Corbyn obsessively. The trouble is, they are all the same depending on the politics of who wrote them. So here is a complete guide to journalism so that you don't have to wade through it all.

Trigger warning: Contains bad language and disrespectful comments.

1. Corbynistas:

He's so wonderful, not like all the others. He's different. The press are all biased, MPs are all Blairites (spit!). Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive. Everybody loves him really. St Jeremy, can we buy you a bike?

2. Old Labour left (i)

Shame its him, but we're there. Let's make the best of it. It's our chance comrades.

3. Old Labour left (ii)

Fuck, we're doomed!

4. Old Labour centre

Fuck, we're doomed! What are we going to do about it?

5. Old Labour right

Bring me the head of Jeremy Corbyn.

6. New Labour ultras


7. Conservatives

This is a tragedy for a great party, but then again ...

Finally. The electorate has spoken:

Who's that weirdo? 


Anton Deque said...

You must have seen the "Who are you?" clip Peter?

SP said...

On your scale I am a 2 on a trajectory to 3.

Indeed responses to “Who are you?” did confirm your point. That this was most stridently from 6ers, who’s ill concealed glee at a tory one line heckle, was as predictable as it was depressing.

So yes I wish, as I often do on my own part, that he had a quick, witty response but hey it really is not his thing. I continue to hope that this stuff is or will not be that important come the next election.

It remains perplexing that the “left” does not unanimously object to the conduct of politics in an Oxbridge Junior Common Room manner totally alien to the vast majority of the population.

Don’t start me on tories and football chants either….

The Plump said...

In 3 myself, could be persuaded to move towards two if there was any sign whatsoever of a modicum of competence.

And I do think that taking the piss is the one thing that isn't alien to the majority of people.

You have a point about the Commons, but when you live within an invented tradition, how do you uninvent it? Parliament will always have to be different. I also wonder why the left doesn't despair of running politics through endless committees and motions etc. And Occupy had its formless discussion groups dominated by ideological windbags. Its a wider problem. I have no solution.