Sunday, August 26, 2007

Greek fires

The forest fires in Greece are now taking on a tragic aspect. Over fifty people are dead. There are reports here and here. The selfish side of me is relieved that they are so far away from my house and friends, but the news is deeply distressing nonetheless. The fresh outbreak has coincided with another heat wave though the Prime Minister is suggesting arson. The countryside is bone dry, not just because of the summer heat, but due to an exceptionally dry and warm winter.

Compared to Northern Europe, Greece is still a poor country with an underdeveloped infrastructure. I always admire how, through sheer hard work and entrepreneurism, the Greek people manage to enable millions to take their holidays there, especially given the propensity of the Brits to moan about everything. Now, given the scale of the disaster, they need help and I hope that the promises of support from the rest of Europe are forthcoming. The Greeks deserve it.

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