Saturday, August 18, 2007


Jermey Langmead filled space in the Guardian with one of those metropolitan moans columns that I usually find deeply tedious. However, I started to enjoy this one with its assault on the puritanical and narcissistic health fanaticism of our day. I cheered at the idea of a ‘Pot Belly Protection Society’. Then I saw the waist size that was causing him grief was 34 inches. I haven’t had one that small since I was about nine! Finally, he proposes barring people from his society who are really ‘obese’. So, us fatties would be banned from his precious club, which is really for skinny people who are pretending to be fat. Get some ambition Jeremy. Get stuck into those calories.

Sometimes I dream about finding ways of earning a living here in Greece. The other day I thought of starting a holiday company – Club 18-30 Stone. Holiday heaven for the heavy – and Langmead, you do not qualify.


KB Player said...

Declaring a fatwa against the fat. (I suppose you've heard that joke before).

On another pont entirely, I'm spreading the news about the blog appeal for saving Iraqi employees who threw in their lot with British forces and are now being duly rewarded by being murdered by militia. You've probably seen it but if not here's the background:-

and here are some excellent graphics:-

and here's more info:-

Mikeovswinton said...

Peter; Nothing to do with your post; just back from a tight win at York (22-16). Good performance and this means that when you get back we may be pushing for those play-offs. If you are back for Humslet, it could well be the do or die match of the season. By the way - there were no Wisconsinian Hippy Hating Swinton fans around as far as I could see.

mikeovswinton said...

Yep, its HuNslet, from the fair city of Leeds Metropolitan (who have a flaming pitch side advert at York. Perhaps they are trying to pinch studes from that small uni they have in York.)