Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My carbon footprint

… is about to get bigger, as tomorrow I commit the latest of the great environmental sins and get on a plane back to England. I don’t want to. So, if any wealthy environmentalist wants to help save the planet they are welcome to pay me to stay here. Offers anyone?


Will said...

That george Monbiot must be worth a few quid.

You should tap him for a few.

Dr Hiding Pup said...

Should have thought about your carbon footprint before you flew out in the first place. Now get back here to your cold, damp-infested office!

Glenn Vowles said...

I have been annually calculating my three person household’s ecological footprint, along with my OU students, for the past seven years. This year the figure was 10,400 square metres of land, with no flights taken. If we flew on just one 10,000 km round trip holiday from Bristol Airport (a common travelling distance), this footprint would rise, according to the EcoCal computer model used, to 14,400 square metres – a 38% increase. The single round trip would then be the biggest contributor to our footprint at 28% of the total, approx the same as all household heating and lighting for a year and slightly more than the impact of household travel by all other methods.