Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy hols

The office is tidied, everything is switched off and a very tired fatman is off to Greece for a Christmas break.

There isn't much chance of a post for a few days so I would just like to wish everyone who drops by here all the best, even if they feel like this.

And something for the government to mull over from Patrick Geddes, written in 1917;

"Let it not be thought, however, that in the coming polity, the mature and the aged are to be excluded from the joy of educational militancy".

Just heard from Greece. They have been without power for 16 hours and the cleaner found two dead rats under the sofa. Paradise.


Anonymous said...

Have a truly great time, I know how much you love it over there!

Anonymous said...

Empathy. Two days ago, after a long period of cold-inspired wretchedness, I struggled out the front door to find a dead rabbit in my garden. Possibly myxo, much recurring thanks to unstable weather conditions, but still in need of being dealt with. It took some time to excavate a sepulchre beside the garden shed, the only place where a spade could enter the soil, and inter Benjamin Bunny. May I wish you a wonderful time on your hols? Polla Chronia, I think transliterates, though my Greek is Ancient, Scottish Higher 1966, so I'm not sure if that's right.

mikeovswinton said...

Have a great time in Greece. Hope the power's back on otherwide I guess you'll be reading this when you are back in Hull. Good to see Freens back on line.

Will said...

You jammy git.

Get back here to the darkness and the cold.