Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Who's right?

Make your own mind up.

In Afghanistan there is no realistic mission, no achievable objective, no long-term strategy, only the fruitless pursuit of failure.

Simon Jenkins

Almost universally, the Afghans I know see the presence in their country of foreign military and assistance workers as a necessary means to an end. Some of them even agree that if the foreigners left today, Afghanistan would collapse tomorrow.
Anja Havedal

A clue:

Anja Havedal has been living and working in Afghanistan since May 2006.

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Larkers said...

Simon Jenkins, like Robert Fisk, has always been consistent. Both thought the liberation of Iraq and the overthrow of the Taliban by AFGHAN forces supported by the west to have been misconceived.

Then, what is to be done? On this I await their pronouncements.